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C&J Ranch Sale Barn features quality Quarter Horses that we have trained as well as consignment listings for clients.  We also have numerous tack, equipment, and miscellaneous items for sale.  Check back regularly as we list new items frequently.  


If you have livestock, tack, or equipment you would like us to sell for you, please send us an email and we can discuss consignment commissions and listing arrangements.

While working with a student, we try to guide them to better understanding their horse so that the two of them can become one.  By connecting mentally and emotionally with your horse you will go further. We strive for a competent and talented rider to be not only successful but also confident with his or her mount.

Our training focuses on making and maintaining all-around horses. Our concern is making you and your horse a team and we strive to achieve a quiet and talented horse.  We do this by first focusing on the mental connection and emotional stability of the horse.  We work on the weaknesses of a horse to better them so they can become a great partner for you.

Meet our trainers and see their accomplishments! We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable head trainers on staff full time to teach horses new skills, and wonderful assistant trainers to help with exercising and maintaining skills learned here at C&J Ranch. 

Not the fanciest, but a more personalized experience