lessons, training, boarding

  • We offer lessons for ages 5 and up for any level of rider, from the basics of recreational riding all the way to the show ring.
  • We offer boarding services that start at $75.00 (self-care).
  • We have paddocks with open 12x12 shelters or barn stalls that are 11x15.
  • We offer training to select clientele and offer groundwork, tuneups, finishing, and showing starting at $300 per month (maintenance).
  • Feed, hay, farrier, & vet costs are not included in our fees. The owner is responsible for all maintenance costs.

All show training contracts are contingent on the horse being shown a minimum of one (1) show per month.  This is only exempt during the month(s) there may not be a show held within three (3) hourse of our facility and/or transportation is unavailable, at our discretion.


Please email us for a contract or to begin your adventure with the C&J Team.

Kahalley Stewart

"I only trail rode and did some barrel racing when I met Jacque.  I had seen English before and wanted to learn it.  Jacque started me out on a lunge rope and eventually I was able to control Elroy using my legs only and figured out how to post.  I loved every bit of it."

Hailey Sharp

"Elroy taught me so much..."

Charlotte Watts

"My first time riding and I am having so much fun with C&J Ranch, this is so cool!"

Chelsea Beaulieu

"My first time in the saddle was so much FUN! Although I don't know much about riding or horses, I know I enjoyed every minute behind the reins.  The coolest thing I learned was how to trot and how some horses respond to leg pressure and not just from the bit."